How to Throw a Family-Friendly Oscar Bash

Odds are, your kids probably haven’t seen 90 percent of the films up for Academy Awards this year. But just because they can’t tell the difference between Lion and Moonlight, doesn’t mean they can’t have a great time celebrating the Oscars. This year, make your Academy Award-watching party a family event with these good-for-all-ages activities and edibles. Tuxedos and ball gowns optional.

Popcorn Cupcakes from Tikkido

While at an Oscar party, there’s sure to be popcorn on hand, but regular old exploding corn kernels has nothing on this movie-centric dessert. These popcorn bucket cupcakes might look over the top, but they are incredibly easy to make.

Popcorn Bar from Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

Speaking of popcorn, which is a must, instead of having plain old popcorn with butter and salt, create a popcorn bar with flavors for children and adults such as “sweet and salty,” “cookies and cream” and “siracha.”

Hollywood Star Craft from Miranda Made

Everyone’s a star with this adorable craft from Miranda Made. Cut out a variety of stars and put the kids’ names on them, then have them sign their name with the year. Pay homage to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood by having the kids include their handprints. This not only is a fab activity for the kids but it makes a wonderful keepsake as well.

Play Oscar Bingo from Punchbowl

While the kids haven’t seen most of the films up for awards, that doesn’t mean they can’t be engaged in the award show from the opening to the ads to those cringe-worthy moments when a winner’s speech is drowned out by music. Give everyone – young and old – an Oscar Bingo card and you’ll be surprised how even the little ones will be paying attention.

Make Your Own Oscar from Lia Griffith

Everyone can win an Oscar at your party, the one catch is that they’ll have to make it themselves. Lia Griffith has created a PDF that you can download and use to cut out Oscar statues using thick gold card stock (available at many craft stores). You can even up the ante by presenting Oscars to your guest from best dressed to best table manners.

Give a Speech from B. Nute Productions

It’s hard to watch the Oscars and not fantasize about giving your own speech. Kids will love the opportunity to create their own unique (and kooky) speech with the help of this Mad Lib-style award-winner speech.