How to Rethink Project Management for DevOps

As DevOps boosts your organization’s agility, how does the project manager role need to change? Explore this expert advice.

As DevOps culture spreads, however, so does its impact on other areas of the organization. Take project management: DevOps fundamentally changes how IT teams approach projects, shifting away from monolithic, multi-month (or multi-year, in some cases) initiatives in pursuit of greater speed and agility in the software development lifecycle. That means changes for project managers, too.

But make no mistake: Project managers can still be valuable in the DevOps age.

“A need for speed and velocity – and cutting-edge DevOps technologies and processes – does not replace the need for knowing what you’re going to do with them,” says Josh Collins, technology architect at Janeiro Digital. “A strong project management practice is required in order to keep projects moving on schedule with a clear focus on dependencies.”

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