How to Monitor Network Protocol Traffic on your Data Center Linux Servers

With Linux in your data centers, you value the ability to monitor different network protocols on your servers. With this gathered information, you can troubleshoot issues or tweak your servers such that they outperform the original specs. Most Linux administrators might recall ntop. It was the de facto standard, text-based tool for monitoring network protocols. That tool has been deprecated, in favor of ntopng (aka The Network Time Protocol Reference Implementation, refactored, the Next Generation). This particular tool takes ntop to the next level, by giving it a web-based interface that is exponentially more powerful and easier to use. I’m going to walk you through the process of installing ntopng on the Ubuntu Server 16.04 platform. The process does require you to install via the command line, so be prepared to type a bit, or copy and paste.


We’ll be installing the stable build, as opposed to installing the outdated version from the standard repository. The steps for this are as follows:

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