How to Make Sure Your Company’s Data Is Secure

Technology has grown to the point that every day, we find ourselves needing to protect our personal data as well as that of the companies that we work for. In 2018 alone, some of the biggest data breaches worldwide affecting companies large and small all over the world took place. These weren’t just businesses that contained specific, sensitive information, like social security numbers and birth dates. Data breaches also affected companies within the food industry and also booksellers. No industry was immune. With that in mind, here are three steps that you can take to protect your company’s sensitive information and make sure that its data is secure.

Limiting Data Access

When it comes to setting up networks within your business, remember that part of protecting your company’s information is limiting the availability of the data. This applies to all the technology networks, like Wi-Fi, but also limiting access to who can see certain types of files. It will be helpful to bring in an IT professional or broadband consultant who can set up your networks so that they only allow access from certain points or to certain departments. This is not going to be something that you want to try to do on your own. Bring someone in who knows how to limit data access who specifically works with businesses.

Regular Security Audits

Data breaches happen over time. Usually, the malicious actors will try taking small bits of information, seeing if anyone notices, and then grow their plan based on the reaction that they get from that small test. That means that it’s important to evaluate your data and security processes on a consistent basis and check for any irregularities. Regularly evaluating data security should be a part of a continuous cycle with the purpose of constantly monitoring for, identifying and addressing security issues at its heart. You may even want to set up a time with your IT professionals for them to do a data breach fire drill and then perform a thorough evaluation. Since they are a trusted source who can give you feedback, ask them to test your network against security breaches and report back to you with their findings. Combining that with regular security audits will help you keep the data within your company secure as well as allow you to see any potential threats before they happen.

Train Employees on Compliance and Risks

Oftentimes, employees are not as aware as the decision-makers at a company of the risks that some of the everyday things that they’re doing may be putting data at risk of exposure. Remember to clearly state to your employees how to comply with your data protection protocols, and also relate to them the risks of what can happen if the data of your company was breached. Convey to them the importance of the fact that keeping the data protected is not only for your customers but also for their own personal information. To ensure that your employees are reviewing the information that you give them on complying with data protection within the company, be sure to make it mandatory as part of their quarterly or yearly evaluations. This will ensure that they are also keeping up to date with any of the protocol changes at your company when it comes to protecting its data.

Keeping the data secure at your company is an important thing that you shouldn’t just let slip by to the sidelines. Your data is one of your most valuable assets. These are just some of the steps that you can take to secure your company’s data to give yourself the peace of mind that you’re following protocol.