How Technology Is Totally Changing How Lawyers Work

The legal field is one of the oldest professions in the world. As a result, many of the processes and traditions are quite dated. However, there are a lot of ways that technology is now changing the way that lawyers work. The following tech trends are promising to change how lawyers operate from here forward:


No matter if you are looking up information for a case, trying to get background information on a client, or looking for potential business partnerships, research is a huge part of any lawyer’s profession. In the past, this was immensely difficult as it meant you had to be in person to conduct the research.

Thanks to the web, you can now access virtual libraries from almost any state, county, or city. Plus, if you need to know information about a client, they likely have a social media profile that you can reach them on easily or get an idea of how to represent them. With the advent of video calling, it’s never been so easy to connect with potential partners and avoid the costly flights to visit them. And let’s not forget the many excellent research softwares that exist to help lawyer’s firms.

Getting an Edge on the Competition in the Workplace

Finding ways to get ahead is essential the modern lawyer. With so many people entering the workforce and having degrees that match yours, you need a way to stand out. Before, this meant that you had to work for one of the major firms.

Luckily, you don’t need the bankroll of a huge firm today to get your name out to the people in your industry. With savvy online presence management, you can get in front of any market in the world without breaking your budget.

Contracts and Document Tracking

One thing that will always be certain in the legal field is the need for contracts. Whether you are signing a client on board or having them put their name to an agreement on their plea deal, you need them to sign on the dotted line. Luckily, lawyers now use estate planning software like Practical Planning System to generate contracts such as estate contracts right from their phones or tablets.

The time and money this saves is really transforming the lives of lawyers everywhere. Instead of having to run back to the office to complete the contract, or keep pens on them, they can carry it all on their phone. Then, they can instantly send it to the office or the proper clerk to move the paperwork along instantly.

Communication with Remote Team Members

In today’s world employees can work from anywhere. You might have a few employees yourself who are working from home or abroad. It used to be difficult to reach them for emergencies. Today, you can use team chat software like Slack to stay in touch. You can send documents, videos, text messages, and more. Plus, the ability for live video conferencing means you’ll gain a lot of the benefits of them being right in the office. Nowadays, you can even find on-demand office space like Davinci Meeting Rooms that facilitate coworking for remote workers and legal professionals who don’t have a permanent office. 


Marketing is essential for the modern lawyer. In the past, you had to put your name on the billboards and tv ads or no one would know you. Today, that is no longer the case. With a smart campaign, you can reach anyone effectively. Try targeting your local market with paid ads on search engines. Soon, you’ll find your clients in your pipeline than ever before.

Accounting and Payroll

Accounting can get really complex really quickly. This is especially the case for a law firm. However, you can speed up this process and automate it with incredible software like AbacusLaw or PracticePanther that now exists for lawyers. This allows you to focus on your higher level activities and have peace of mind that the numbers and taxes are all going to add up at the end of the day.

Staying Organized

As a lawyer, you need to stay completely organized. Every detail counts. If you get one word, checkbox, or legal statute wrong it could mean the difference between winning a client for life or earning a bad reputation. Modern note-taking apps like Evernote and Trello let you offload your ideas and to-do lists into a digital format that you can pull up and deal with from anywhere.

When it comes to being a lawyer, there is a lot of work on your plate already. Why make things more difficult when there is technology out there that can help you do your work faster, better, and less expensively? The technology breakthroughs above are totally changing how lawyers work. Don’t miss out on the opportunities they provide, implement them in your business today so you can get ahead of the curve.