How Much Data Does Your Phone Really Need to Stream Movies?

Just a decade ago, if you had thought about being able to access all your favorite movies and tv shows from your phone, it might have been a bit of a pipe dream, but today it is normal. However, there are still limitations on what you can do. If you are an avid streamer, here are a few things you need to consider.

How Do You Stream?

To know what you need, you need to look at what you are doing with your phone and how you stream first. If you stream mostly on your data, you are going to need a lot more data than if you use wifi. The quality of your streaming is also going to determine your data needs. The higher the quality, the more you need.

Understanding the Numbers

You can use one of two methods to decide how much data you need. You can either estimate how much you need based on past experience, or you can actually calculate how much you need. Estimating works well if you have consistent habits, or you spend most of your time on wifi, but if you don’t always have access to wifi or you share a plan with other people, you may want to look into calculating your data.

If you want to know how much you can stream on your current plan, you need to look at the quality of your streaming. Low quality videos (240-320p) stream at 0.36GB per hour and standard definition (480p) uses 0.7GB per hour. When you stream in high definition, 720p uses 0.9GB, 1080p uses 1.5GB, and 2kp uses 3gb per hour.

What Does My Plan Need?

Now that you know how much data you need for how much you plan on streaming, you need to make sure that your plan fits your needs as well. Many plans offer unlimited streaming and data, especially if you use someone that they have partnered with, but you still need to read the fine print. Even with unlimited streaming, most plans will reduce the speed of your streaming after a certain amount of data. You also need to remember that you are not just using your data for streaming. You also use data for gaming, social media, email, and a variety of other things.

Now that you know how much data you need and you have read the fine print of your plan, you are ready to stream everything that you love. Just make sure to budget yourself if you have a big trip coming up so that you don’t end up stranded with nothing to do.


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