How Female Business Leaders Can Start a Family Without Sacrificing Their Career

It is a common belief that a woman cannot juggle motherhood and a successful career. Many women feel pressured by societal expectations to put their career on the back burner for their family. However, it is possible to have both an outstanding family life and a thriving career. Here are some specific actions you can take to reach that goal and feel like you do have it all.


Work from Home

These days it is ubiquitous to find opportunities that benefit working families. Many mothers can work from home at least part-time so that they can juggle both the needs of their career and their household. Other women can bring their children to work, and some even have child centers right at the office. Take advantage of these opportunities as they seem fit for your career and family.


Reach for New Opportunities

Many women make small choices along their career pathway that eventually lead to less success and promotions at work. Just because you plan to start a family someday does not mean you should not be aggressive about a particular promotion now.

Make sure you are always working to take advantage of opportunities that you want. Do not let future plans, a current pregnancy, or a child at home sway a decision you do not want to make. All of those things will work themselves out because it is possible to have your dream career and a great family life.


Haters Gonna Hate

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When it comes to motherhood, everyone judges. No matter what decision you make, someone will think it was the wrong one. If you work, people say you are not spending enough time with your children. If you stay home, people may say you are not showing them an independent woman role model. If you worry about what others’ think, you will never win. So do what you know is best for you and your family.


Share the Load

Often, mothers take the blunt of sick days, doctor appointments, and field trips. Each of these will require a day off of work and might affect your abilities to get your job done. These must be shared duties in a household where both parents work. If both you and your spouse share the responsibility, neither’s career is getting put on the back burner.


Know Your Rights

Some mothers are simply taken advantage of in the workplace. From the moment you interview, you risk being discriminated against because you are a woman with potentially competing obligations. Employers are not permitted to make decisions about your career advancements because you may start a family someday or currently have children.

When you become pregnant, know your rights to a maternity leave before you approach your boss. If you are a nursing mother, remember that your employer is required to allow breaks and space for pumping. These things should near get in the way of your career, and there are laws in place to ensure you are protected.


Take Advantage of Daycare

Sometimes daycare gets a bad reputation. A good daycare can be truly beneficial for your children, so do not feel guilty using one. In daycare, your children will interact with others their age. They will have learning opportunities that they may not have at home.

The truth is, there are positives and negatives to both daycares and stay-at-home parents. So, see the benefits of the choice you make and know it was the best for your family.


The last several decades have seen a massive expansion of opportunities for women in the workplace. It takes an ambitious, motivated individual to dive into the business mosh pit and get dirty, but the women who take the plunge are some of the most capable, competent individuals on the planet. But doing so shouldn’t cost you other opportunities. And today more than ever, it doesn’t have to.

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