Horror Buzz: What’s Coming to Scare You

The X-Files

New The X-Files trailer promises epic events in 2018 – It still feels completely improbable that an X-Files renaissance actually happened – let alone that it’s now set to spawn a second season comprised of 10 new episodes for a show that originally ended way back in 2002. I’m not complaining, mind you – it’s just surreal.

But here we are – Fox has revealed the first teaser trailer for the new season (set to air in 2018), and conspiracy theorists should be pleased. The new shows pick up right where last season left off, and it looks like all your favorite characters are returning.

Fans should be sure to enjoy this season, though – Gillian Anderson told fans at this past weekend’s New York Comic Con that she’s unlikely to return for a 12th season. Ah well, all good things must eventually come to an end…and maybe we’ll get a third revival in another 15 years. Stranger things have happened…

Watch the first teaser trailer for Stephen King’s Castle Rock – This has been the year of Stephen King, but don’t think that things are over when the calendar flips on January 1. The master of horror has all sorts of projects in development for 2018 (including new movement on the cinematic adaptation of The Talisman) and beyond, and one of the big ones is Castle Rock.

Castle Rock is a new Hulu series inspired by characters from King’s work and set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, featured in many of his books and stories. Produced by J.J. Abrams, and starring Sissy Spacek, André Holland, Melanie Lynskey, and Bill Skarsgård, the series will introduce new characters and an original storyline – albeit one that will eventually cross over with people and places familiar to King’s readers.

Unfortunately, in typical Abrams fashion, all the juicy details are being kept tightly under wraps. That doesn’t mean you can’t pore over this trailer, though – there are lots of cool little details hidden within.

Castle Rock will debut sometime in 2018.

John Constantine gets animated in new Constantine clip – One of the most interesting things to emerge from New York Comic Con was this first look at CW Seed’s upcoming animated series Constantine.

As you may recall, the legendary demon hunter has had previous appearances on screens both big (Keanu Reeves played the character in the 2005 feature film) and small (Matt Ryan brought him to life for a season on NBC in 2014), but now he’s coming back – this time in an animated micro series for CW Seed.

Matt Ryan will voice the character in the new series, which will feature either five or six 10-minute episodes. To set the tone, here’s a three-minute clip from an upcoming show.

Constantine is slated to debut in 2018.

Umbral teaser brings animated Filipino horror to your PC – When you think of Asian horror, most people think of Korea and Japan – but that’s about to change, with the release of Umbral, a new animated horror series from the Philippines premiering on October 11 on Myx. Here are the details:

“Inspired by frightening favorites like The Twilight Zone, the first animated series about Filipino horror folklore Umbra will feature creatures and monsters from traditional Filipino folklore retold in the modern-day Philippines. The series includes stories about a flesh-eating, shape-shifting monster, the lost soul of a dead bride looking for a new husband to join her in death, the conquest to destroy a murderous mermaid, and more.”

Check out the teaser below, mark your calendars. Umbra premiered last night (Wednesday, October 11). New back-to-back episodes premiere every Wednesday at 8/7c on Myx TV, with episodes available to stream online the next day at www.myxtv.com.

Horror on the Horizon

Halloween is getting closer, which means horror fans have lots of options for new things to watch over the next two weeks.

It wouldn’t be Friday the 13th without a horror movie or two, and while I’m still disappointed that we don’t have a new Jason movie to look forward to, we do have Happy Death Day opening this week. The best way to describe this one – it’s a horror film take on Groundhog Day. Jessica Rothe plays a college student who has to keep reliving the day of her brutal murder at the hands of a masked assailant until she finally figures out who wants her dead and how to avoid dying. The trailer looks pretty clever.

Meanwhile, “musicians making a deal with the devil” flick American Satan opens in limited release today – and features the always-reliable genre film vet Malcolm McDowell in a major role.

Remember when director McG was kind of a big deal? Well, he’s back this week — with a Netflix only release titled The Babysitter. Here, a lovestruck 12-year-old discovers that his attractive babysitter is actually a member of a Satanic cult who wants to sacrifice him to the Devil. Sounds (and looks…) interesting.

The week of October 20 isn’t quite as impressive, but if you’re into Tyler Perry’s Madea, then you’ll probably be thrilled to know that Boo! 2: A Madea Halloween opens this weekend.

Horror on Home Video

Tuesday, October 17 features a full slate of horror DVD and Blu-ray releases, but many of them are the usual low-budget stuff you’ve never heard of and aren’t particularly interested in. There is one exception, though.

This week features the long-awaited Blu-ray release of the cult classic trash flick Rawhead Rex. Based on one of Clive Barker’s short stories featured in his seminal The Books of Blood series, Rawhead Rex is getting the full-on special edition treatment from Kino. Don’t miss out – especially if you enjoy low-budget monster flicks with loads of campy effects.

October 24 is a lot like the previous Tuesday – lots of releases, but only a few really worth getting super excited about.

First up, a collector’s edition Blu-ray release of Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake. For a remake, Snyder’s film is decent – but it’s never going to replace Romero’s film for horror fans. Still, this two-disc collector’s set should appeal to anyone who loves a good zombie flick.

Next, we have The Barn – which is another low-budget slasher film looking to cash in on ‘80s nostalgia (really, look at that trailer). I’m a sucker for the ‘80s slasher flicks, even if the guys aping them in 2017 rarely get it right, so I’m definitely adding this to my “must watch” list. The monster designs are pretty cool, if nothing else.

Finally, we have a Blu-ray release of ‘80s cult oddity Demon Wind arriving from our friends at Vinegar Syndrome. I remember seeing this in the video store all the time when I was in high school (yes, I’m old) and making the inevitable joke that you could only summon the demon wind after eating Taco Bell.

Kidding aside, this is an Evil Dead homage that’s actually more fun than you’d probably expect. High school me always thought it was a bit of a hidden gem and a diamond in the rough, and I’m looking forward to revisiting it in this new two-disc collector’s edition, which is packed with extras and restores the film to its original glory.