Here’s Your First Look at Will Smith’s New Monster Movie, ‘Bright’

Will Smith costarred in his first major superhero movie (no, we’re not counting Hancock) a mere seven months ago with Suicide Squad, and from the looks of it his character, Deadshot, will return again soon, either in a sequel or another DC-branded movie.

But before we see Smith don the assassin’s costume yet again, he’ll be in a unique monster movie hitting Netflix later this year called Bright. The first trailer for Bright — which sort of feels like Alien Nation meets Lord of the Rings — arrived during the Oscars, and you can check it out below.

With Bright, Smith reteams with Suicide Squad director David Ayer for a movie (written by Chronicle’s Max Landis, mind you) about a world where fantasy creatures like orcs live side by side with humans. The plot finds Smith playing a human cop who must team up with an orc (Joel Edgerton) in order to find a weapon many want to get their hands on.

Based on the first trailer, Bright definitely has that trademark grit we’ve come to expect from a David Ayer movie. Ayer is very familiar with telling inner city-set stories about law enforcement, so he’s right at home here — and considering he just worked with larger-than-life characters in Suicide Squad, Ayer knows how to find that balance between humanity and fantasy. Just seeing Smith hold up that crazy giant sword at the end gave us goosebumps.

Bright arrives on Netflix at the end of 2017.