Help With Xorg And Nvidia….. Please…..? :3

Now I know what you’re thinking….. :3 “What the…? How is this freak back for more? I already told him to install Windows ME, and he’s STILL COMING BACK??” Now, hear me out….. :3 I currently Tri-Boot between Windows 10, FreeBSD, and Ubuntu, all through UEFI….. And in Windows and Ubuntu, things work JUST fine, after some Driver Downloads and setting things up with the Additional Drivers in Ubuntu….. But in FreeBSD, which I use with Xorg (which is why I think you guys can help me), running X -configure and cp’ing the file to the /etc/X11/ directory to replace the non-optimal Config File, named simply xorg.conf, seems to work….. :3 The Touchpad works, the Video and Resoultion all work….. :3 Even the Intel Wireless (iwm0) and Sound all work….. :3 The only problem is this: I have XFCE4 installed, along with the Slim Login Manager, and of course, Xorg….. When I download and install the nvidia-driver Package through pkg install, and run nvidia-xconfig, it generates a NEW xorg.conf File, and it SHOULD work….. But it doesn’t….. :( I type in startx (you see how it’s quite similar to Linux now…..? ), and it fails with something like “Screen not found”….. :( Anywho, I can rectify the problem by re-running X -configure, and cp’ing the File once again from /root/ to /etc/X11/….. Weird….. :< I can post the Configs before, and after the nvidia-xconfig (which breaks Xorg)….. Thanks for any help, guys….. :3 I’d ask on the FreeBSD Forum, but they haven’t even sent me the Confirmation Email…… :( Have a good day, ok…..? :3

EDIT: I should also mention that under the non-Nvidia config settings, the Cursor lags and Video and Firefox and Chromium and, well, EVERYTHING just lags….. :( Also have a good day, ok…..? :3

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