Go Retro with Rangers-Inspired Shirts

It’s morphin’ time! With the all-new Power Rangers release, it’s the perfect time to showcase some vintage Ranger style!

To make your own Power Rangers-inspired T-shirts, you’ll need:


Freezer paper

Craft knife


White craft paint and fabric medium or white fabric paint




Step 1: Create your stencil using freezer paper and a craft knife. You’ll want three diamond shapes that are lined up corner to corner. Using a cardboard template is helpful when cutting your stencil with the craft knife. You can only use each stencil one time, so make additional stencils for each shirt you plan to make.

Step 2: Use your clothes iron on high heat to iron the freezer paper onto your shirts, plastic side down. Make sure the entire stencil adheres to your T-shirt.

Step 3: If using craft paint, mix it with fabric medium according to the directions on the bottle. Brush your mixed paint or fabric paint onto your shirt.

Step 4: Continue painting on additional coats until you’re happy with the coverage. Carefully peel away the freezer paper from your shirt.

Step 5: Allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours. Apply a hot clothes iron to the design for about 30 seconds to help set the paint. Wash inside out to protect the design.

Step 6: Enjoy!