Gaming hardware for use in Linux Operating Systems

Hi again @metlwrker!

Relatively latest-greatest hardware (like your mouse and keyboard) often has trouble because the manufacturers frequently do not provide drivers for Linux. The easy solution is to just get a cheap generic mouse/keyboard and move on. But sometimes Linux folks create their own drivers, with varying degrees of success. Yes, this usually means getting down and dirty with the command line and compiling the drivers from source code… but this may be the only way to make your hardware work unless, or until, those drivers are ultimately included in the Linux kernel.

Check out these links and their directions for installing in Linux to see if you might be able to follow along. I don’t have the same mouse and keyboard so I’m unable to test or verify how well these drivers may work. Maybe someone else on the forum will have a first hand report on that.



I found these with just a quick search, but Google may help you to find other solutions (or other driver sources) too.

Good luck!