Fresh tech trends at SXSW 2018

The annual Austin, Texas conference SXSW brings together the best in film, music, and tech, with tracks in everything from health, AI, to social impact. This year, Cisco will be participating in the conference in a few ways.

On March 9th, NBA Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler, ESPN’s Sage Steele, NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum and Cisco Chief Technologist Chintan Patel talked about technology in the NBA in a Facebook Live event on SXSW’s Facebook page. Check out what the group had to say about tech innovation and basketball below.

Cisco’s sponsorship with Live Nation also helped support a pitch event at SXSW. Sound Ventures—a venture capital firm created by the founder of entertainment company Maverick—had five founders present during an SXSW event called PerfectPitch. Cisco supported the initative and hosted customers—learn more about that exciting event here.

Vice president and CTO of Collaboration at Cisco Jonathan Rosenberg will also take to the stage to talk about the cloud. The collaboration expert will cover how data in the cloud is prone to attacks in “Scared of the cloud? Good, you should be!” Based on recent attacks, many need the industry to find a new way to secure SaaS applications. Learn about this session and where you can watch it here.

Along with the cloud, SXSW identified these top trends in programming for this year’s conference:


Virtual Reality has been in the “top trends” game for a while now, so what might the market bring that’s new?SXSW is arguing that the industry is maturing, becoming a necessary tool for art, medicine, business, and technology. Sessions at the conference include how VR is transforming into Mixed Reality, how VR can be used in healthcare, shaping VR storytelling, and more.


Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin has been splashed across headlines as of late, and the conference is excited to explore blockchain’s future. Innovation with blockchain include experiments in identification, Internet of Things, and digital rights. Those who are cryptocurrency fans can check out sessions on personal data, blockchain for mobility, and programmable money.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning surround us every day with devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Because AI is so embedded in things we do now and possibilities in the future, the topic is covered in many different conference tracks. Sessions will include how AI provides automation tools for consumers, how to democratize AI, and how to regulate the medium.


With its own track called “Cities Summit”, the topic of government and the role of cities is huge at SXSW. Groups are coming together to discover new ways to handle immigration, climate change, and more. How might cities create social impact through local leadership?


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