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Meet Cisco’s new VP and GM of Collaboration, Sri Srinivasan and see what he does to help teams work at their best.

Sri Srinivasan really knows how to make a first impression. Cisco’s new VP and General Manager of the Team Collaboration Group began his first day on the job in Oslo, Norway. Sri, who joined Cisco in March and is based in Seattle, wanted to set the team at ease about the leadership change by starting where OJ Winge, the former leader of the group, was based. Winge is now responsible for new growth initiatives within the Collaboration team.

Focus Magazine recently talked with Sri, about his background and why he feels so connected to Cisco.

Focus Magazine: Introduce yourself and tell us what your role is with Cisco’s collaboration team.

Sri Srinivasan: I’m the VP and General Manager of the team collaboration group. I’m excited to be at Cisco. The Team Collaboration Group (TCG) creates Webex Meetings, Webex Teams and Webex Devices, such as Webex Room Series, Webex Board, and Webex Share. (These solutions were formerly named WebEx, Spark, Room Series and Spark Board.) Our focus is team empowerment through our collaboration canvas. The canvas brings together all of the collaboration touchpoints for groups of people who work on a common purpose, from the productivity tools they use to the places they meet, integrated with their business processes.

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