Focus Magazine: Augmented and Virtual Reality

Jens Meggers, the SVP and General Manager of Cisco’s Cloud Collaboration group, leads a team that works on cutting edge technology to change the way people work. His team is now breaking new ground with virtual reality and connecting the virtual world to the physical world unlike anyone else in the industry.

Focus Magazine recently talked to Jens about the brand-new integration of VR into Cisco Spark. While VR is still in its early stages in the collaboration space, Jens is excited about its potential.

Focus Magazine: Can you tell us about some of your favorite collaboration launches in the last couple of years?

Jens Meggers: We’ve done so much in my 4 years here, it’s hard to choose a favorite! Our most recent launch of the Cisco Spark Board in January is among the top three.

With integrated hardware and software in one product, we’ve done something that no one in the industry can really do. From a hardware point of view, it is highly innovative, and then there’s the software… pretty amazing. Our customers love Spark Boards and we’re seeing a huge number of orders. And, we won design awards, as well as the Best of Show award at Enterprise Connect in March.

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