Find ‘The Last Jedi’ Characters in New ‘Star Wars’ Augmented Reality Experience

Force Friday II is almost here, and with it comes a new augmented reality (AR) experience. Here are the details:

“Find the Force”

September 1 is Force Friday II, a time for Star Wars fans to pick up all new merchandise related to the movie franchise. But it’s not just about buying the latest action figures and other products. When you visit any of the 20,000 participating retailers around the world, you can also unlock a fun new AR experience using your phone and the Star Wars app.

Here’s a special coded message from General Leia Organa about the event:

Through next weekend, you can scan a special graphic located in the store, and an animated character will appear on your phone screen superimposed over whatever is in front of you (yes, like Pokemon Go). There are 15 different characters to be found, some of them old favorites like Admiral Ackbar and some of them brand new from the upcoming sequel Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Here’s a demo:

The video above shows that there will be some cute Porgs to be found, and of the silhouetted character icons, there’s definitely a Stormtrooper. Five characters will become available over each of the three days, if you wish to collect them all — and take selfies with them all, too.