Family DIY: Make Movie Character Easter Eggs

Forget about those oh-so-basic Easter eggs with dots, stripes or store-bought stickers. This year, decorate your eggs in honor of the latest and greatest family movies.

With just dyed eggs, a variety of Sharpies, a bit of creativity and oodles of inspiration from your children’s favorite films, transform those blank white eggs into pop culture masterpieces. We paid tribute to Gunter from Sing, Red Ranger from Power Rangers, K-S20 from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a Smurf from Smurfs: The Lost Village and, of course, an egg paying homage to the rose from Beauty and the Beast.

You’ll need:

Hard boiled eggs

Easter egg dyes or food coloring




Hard boil eggs and then dye the eggs that need a background color. For example, for Gunter from Sing, you’ll want to dye the egg pink and for Red Ranger from Power Rangers, you can dye the egg a deep red.

Many of the designs can be accomplished just with Sharpies such as the Smurf egg, the K-S20 egg or the Beauty and the Beast egg. Before you apply the permanent marker, it’s best to sketch your idea with pencil first, then go over the design with your Sharpie. Or if you’re feeling particularly confident, just go for it freehand.

There are plenty of fantastic films for inspiration beyond these five – from Boss Baby to The Lego Batman Movie – so get busy and create some Easter egg magic!

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