Exclusive: New ‘Wish Upon’ Trailer Summons Evil to a Young Girl’s Life

Everyone has a different high school experience. Some become star athletes. Others join the band. Some study hard. Others find a magical box that grants wishes.

Okay, maybe that last path isn’t all that common, but thanks to the magic of movies, we’ll all get to experience it when Wish Upon hits theaters later this summer.

From the director of Annabelle, Wish Upon stars Joey King as Claire, a seemingly ordinary young woman who comes into possession of a wish-granting box. Things seem to start out well enough as life gets a bit more fun for the newly empowered Claire. But then things take a turn when she discovers the box has a death cost associated with it, and Claire’s wishes have racked up quite the tab.

You can get a sample of the horror that follows in the new trailer for Wish Upon below.

Wish Upon hits theaters on July 14, 2017.

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