Exclusive Clip: Ridley Scott, on the Unsolved Mystery in ‘Phoenix Forgotten’

As Ridley Scott, producer of the new sci-fi horror movie Phoenix Forgotten, tells us in the clip below, stories about kids wandering off never to be seen again are always fascinating. Such is the premise of the film, which follows the (fictional) tale of three teenagers who disappeared the night of the (real) Phoenix Lights sighting in 1997. It’s told as a documentary filmmaker follows the younger sister of one of the missing teens as she investigates the cold case on her own, using footage from one of their video cameras and some new evidence that has surfaced two decades later.

As part of the research for the movie, producers and writer T.S. Nowlin interviewed scores of people who had seen the lights, a triangular formation that moved over Phoenix in one of, if not the, most widely seen UFO incidents in history. Fittingly, Phoenix Forgotten will be released April 21, 20 years almost to the date of the sighting. Check out the video for more.