Exclusive Clip: ‘Lowriders’ Shows How Cars Can Be a Work of Art

Most people only ever use cars for one purpose: getting from point A to point B. To them a car is just a means of transportation. It doesn’t matter if the car is cheap or expensive, it just needs to safely move you around.

But to some cars aren’t just transportation, they’re a work of art you happen to drive around in. The new movie Lowriders is a multigenerational story exploring a family, each with their own unique connection to a car culture that’s about more than just getting from point A to point B.

We’ve got a special behind-the-scenes clip from the new movie starring Demián Bichir and Eva Longoria that really highlights the attention to detail and artistry that goes in to making these unique cars. Check it out.

Lowriders hits theaters May 12, 2017.