Exclusive Clip: An Awkward Reunion in ‘T2 Trainspotting’

Back in its day, 1996 to be exact, Trainspotting burst out the festival scene to become one of the most critically acclaimed movies about drugs we’d seen — controversial for its high-energy portrayal of heroin use set to a killer pop soundtrack. Director Danny Boyle said he hoped one day to do a sequelwith the original four stars. Two decades is a long time, though. Since then, Ewan McGregor became an A-list actor, Boyle an in-demand Oscar winner, and everyone involved had conflicting ideas about what the sequel should be.

Fortunately for audiences, director and cast came together to make T2 Trainspotting. It’s markedly different in its approach from the original — not a druggie caper film, but more a melancholic look at what the characters have become and the toll time has taken on each of them. Renton (McGregor) returns to Edinburgh to face the friends he stole drug money from at the end of the first film… and it’s a little more than awkward, as we see in this clip where Renton meets Simon “Sick Boy” in a local pub. Take a look, and mark your calendars for the movie’s release on March 17.

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