EdgeX Foundry Continues Momentum with ‘California Code’ Preview

Only 3 months away from our first release, the EdgeX community has made available what we are calling the “California Preview.” This preview is a collection of five key microservices written in Go that are drop in replacements for our Java microservices. The work on the California release (not due until June) still continues, but we wanted to show the world that EdgeX was indeed going to be fast, small and still a flexible platform for building IIoT solutions – thus we named this a “preview” of what we hope to show in full by the California release.

In the preview, the core services (Core Data, Metadata, and Command) have been recreated in Go Lang, as well as the bulk of the Export Client and Export Distribution microservices. Just how fast and how small has EdgeX gotten? Let’s take a look at some of the new EdgeX measurements.

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