dJAX DMP Manager, the Launch of an Impeccable Data Management Platform for the Data Driven Market

Coimbatore, India, August 28, 2017 –(– As the landscape of the market is changing and evolving into a predominantly data driven market; marketers also evolve along with it, looking for updated solutions to crack their market potential. Data is always considered an asset, irrespective of its form. Data is like the universe; expanding and growing by the second. Many unique solutions are sought after to compile and process the vast and boundless ocean of data. One such solution that caters these needs is the data management platform offered by; the ‘dJAX DMP Manager’.

Where DJAX product stands out from the rest is; dJAX DMP provide a platform that is both customizable and tailor-made based on the users’ requirements. The first party data collection is done by internal CRM’s and other tracking pixels. dJAX DMP also provides segmentation options ranging from basic to advanced, to organize the data. Stat and report generation is prompt, responsive and can be used to formulate targeting and profiling strategies. All of this can be accomplished by setting up a self-hosted server which in-turn makes your data storage and transfers more secure and reliable.

dJAX DMP Manager also aids in cross platform advertising; catering the needs of marketers and publisher alike in a data centred world of marketing.

To know more about dJAX DMP Manager, check out the following website:

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