Diversity and broader skills mark the future of work

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins believes the workers of tomorrow—and today—will need different skills. In an OpEd for Business Insider, Robbins explains how and why artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will change the jobs we know now.

A report, done in collaboration between Cisco and Oxford Economics, found that by 2027, 4.3 million workers will be displaced and 2.2 workers will be disrupted.

Robbins stresses the need for companies and leaders to train their workforce appropriately to address this change.

At the 2018 World Economic Forum (WEF), Cisco and 10 other companies have joined together on SkillSET, a portal of training libraries where users can get access to materials on everything from business skills to cybersecurity. This portal can help users determine which courses and skills they will need to fit their learning goals. Cisco hopes to improve the lives of 1 million people in the next several years.

This is just one way the company sees the future of work—another is in creating a more diverse workforce. Aspect Venture is a women-lead venture capitalist firm focused on diversity in their portfolio companies. Fortune writes that women founders receive less than 3% of total venture capitalist dollars. In an effort to change this, Cisco became a limited partner with Aspect Ventures.

Vice President of Cisco Investments Janey Hoe says that diversity is a part of the company’s investment plan. Hoe also states that Cisco’s investment portfolio is distributed over 25 different countries. For Corporate Development, Hoe says, leaders insist on having a diverse interview panel and candidate pool.

Cisco Investments is one area where the company sees the future of skill sets and diversity. Learn about Cisco’s portfolio companies and more spaces the company seeks to invest in here.


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