Disney Wants Jared Leto For a Third ‘TRON’ Film

Olivia Wilde Tron

When Disney powered back up the grid with TRON: Legacy in 2010, the studio was banking on it successfully launching a new franchise. It wasn’t quite the smashing success Disney was hoping for, however, and so the franchise didn’t exactly hit the fast track. A script for the third film was developed, but in 2015 the folks at Disney pulled the plug, effectively killing it.

But now they’re plugging it back in. The Hollywood Reporter has word that Disney is in talks with Jared Leto to star in a third film, which would be reborn from the abandoned third script.

But this is all very, very early talks. According to THR, a new writer hasn’t even been hired, yet alone a director (Legacy director Joseph Kosinski will produce). Everyone is in the exploratory stages, so it will be a good while before this movie happens. But if Leto’s interest sticks, the studio may have the star power it needs to turn on the green light for a third movie set in its glowing, digital world.

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