Disney Has Talked to 21st Century Fox About Buying Its Movie and TV Properties


Long ago, the Star Wars movies were released by 20th Century Fox. Then Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, and now the Mouse House is busy making more installments set in that ‘galaxy far, far away.’ According to a new report by CNBC, Disney has met with Fox about buying more of its movie and TV properties. While talks are no longer active and there’s nothing official on a deal yet, we can’t help but wonder what a Disney acquisition of Fox franchises could mean for the fans.

X-Men and Fantastic Four Would Join the MCU

Fans of Marvel Comics characters would have the most to gain from a Disney/Fox deal. Fox currently has the exclusive on making movies with the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters, including Wolverine, Deadpool and villains such as Galactus. Especially now that Disney and Sony are working together on Spider-Man being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hopes of seeing Wolverine clashing with Hulk and Captain America and the Fantastic Four helping out in the Infinity War were high.

Disney’s Avatar Would Make More Sense

Fox’s biggest movie property right now is James Cameron’s Avatar, with several sequels currently in production. Although we’d never likely see a crossover between Star Wars and the characters of Pandora, there would be something truly logical about Avatar being under the Disney umbrella. This year, Walt Disney World introduced a Pandora-based land and two Avatar rides to its Animal Kingdom theme park. So the movies already have a good connection to their possible future parent company.

Alien Vs. Star Wars Vs. Independence Day

Following the disappointing box office of Independence Day: Resurgence, Fox probably has no intention of continuing that franchise, but if Disney owned ID4, they could rebuild it by combining it with other properties. The same coudl be true with the Alien series. Crossovers like the amazing Star Wars Vs. Aliens fan art and the many Star Wars and Independence Day mashups on the internet would come true as Xenomorphs and Will Smith truly battled Darth Vader and the rest of the Galactic Empire, a la the video below.

Die Hard in Wonderland

Since the introduction of Bruce Willis’s John McClane almost 30 years ago, we’ve seen the Die Hard formula applied to all kinds of locations, like trains, boats and the White House. But how about Wonderland or Neverland? McClane finds himself in trouble once again as terrorists threaten fantastic Disney realms. Or if that’s too ridiculous, how about Die Hard in a Haunted Mansion? The ghost of Hans Gruber strikes back in an old New Orleans estate.

Home Alone 5: Lost in Disney World

Disney could also set a Die Hard sequel in its own theme parks, though that would too closely resemble Beverly Hills Cop III. As a similar alternative, the studio could set a Home Alone sequel in Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Bring back Macauley Culkin and have him be father to a new young precocious child who battles bandits attempting to rob the Magic Kingdom during Christmas. It’d have to be less violent, of course, with more Mickey Mouse cartoon influence than Looney Tunes.

Disney Could Continue the Ice Age Movies

Disney is still best known for animation, so would a Disney/Fox deal also give them a link to Blue Sky Studios? That would allow the Mouse House to continue such popular franchises as Ice Age and Rio. The former could mix with the characters of Frozen as Elsa accidentally brings back creatures from the glacial period inhabited by Manny and his friends. Better yet, one of the favorites from Ice Age could thaw out in present day Paris and meet his culinary inclined ancestor. Scratatouille, anyone?

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