Daylight Saving Time: Putting one extra hour to good use

This year, Daylight Saving Time will come on Nov 5th at 2AM—a reminder for everyone to turn their clocks back. It’s the time of the year for everyone to “fall back”, to have the possibility of one extra hour on one day in exchange for earlier sunsets and sunrises.

So what will most be up to during their one extra hour? Some will get another coveted hour of sleep. For others, it is a chance for even more work productivity. Thankfully, Cisco is an expert in the world of the hard-worker and sees a future where we can all maximize productivity.

The company’s Emerge team is focused on changing the way people work. The team, created in 2014 and lead by Senior Director Andy Payne, experiments with things outside of Cisco’s product portfolio to create tools that help people become more efficient.

Their focus on collaboration tools helps people from around the world work better together.

One of their latest experimental tools is Spark in VR, a virtual reality system that puts Cisco’s messaging tool—Spark—into a new world. Spark is where people can meet, message, do voice and video calls. Teams meet in Spark rooms to better collaborate with one another. In Spark in VR, these teams can now meet in a virtual room, complete with coffee mugs and whiteboards.

The collaboration tool has plenty of new updates to keep one occupied for an extra hour or more. The team behind Spark just released Cisco Spark Room 70, the company’s flagship video collaboration device. This combines people, content, and AI with a powerful coded, a quad camera, and a 70-inch single or dual display. This new device is perfect for rooms that seat up to 14 people.

Another innovation in the world of collaboration is Spark Assistant, a virtual assistant for meetings. This bot can keep you up-to-date for when you need to join your next call, it can help you record meetings and write down action items with a single command.

This enterprise-ready voice assistant uses MindMeld technology in the Cisco Spark platform to enable cognitive abilities like starting meetings, join and leave meetings, call anyone in the organization, and navigate Cisco Spark devices.

With so many new tools and updates Cisco has for the future of work, you can look forward to better and more efficient collaboration with your teammates. Learn more about the future of work here.


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