Databilities™ Released as World’s First Data Literacy Competency Framework

Melbourne, Australia, January 22, 2018 –(– New framework from Data To The People sets out 15 core skills to measure and develop data literacy.

Data To The People today announced the release of Databilities™, a world first data literacy competency framework to combat the widening data literacy skills gap – providing a consistent way to measure and develop these critical skills and capabilities across all demographics.

Just as “literacy” means our ability to read, write and comprehend our native language, “data literacy” is our ability to read, write and comprehend data. Databilities™ sets out 15 competencies within these three branches of data literacy; providing six levels of progression for each of the competencies with an emphasis on highlighting additional skills and expertise acquired at each level.

“Everyone’s talking about data literacy; how crucial it is for current and future generations to be data literate, and how sizeable the data skills gap is today,” says Data To The People founder, Jane Crofts, “Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a standardised way of measuring or building these critical skills. Databilities™ has been developed to fill this space – providing a clear framework to measure and develop data literacy skills and competencies across the globe.”

Parents, teachers, employers, political and community leaders are invited to use Databilities™ as the basis for building and nurturing data literacy within their communities. Databilities™ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

View and download Databilities™ at:

About Data To The People

In 2017, Jane Crofts started Data To The People to build and nurture lifelong data literacy across all demographics. Data to The People calls on all individuals; parents, teachers, employers, political and community leaders to step up and be part of the solution. From the classroom to the workplace, we need to engage at all ages and we need to foster and integrate these critical skills in everything we do.

For more information and to view Databilities™, visit

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