Cisconians will pack 60,000 meals?around the world?during the week of Women of Impact 2018

This is a guest post by Varsha Kanwar, Cisco Chief of Staff for TS Global Go-To-Market

In talking to Kristine Eckenrode, you get the strong sense that words are not sufficient—she’s all about action. She drives positive impact through programs like Cisco’s annual Passion Project, which she is leading this week on a global scale as part of Cisco’s annual Women of Impact Conference.

Besides being a Global Enablement Manager in Cisco’s Global Virtual Sales and Customer Success Organization, Kristine is on the Board of Directors, for Cisco’s Connected Women, an Employee Resource Organization (ERO) whose mission is to attract, nurture, and enable growth for women at Cisco. She has been involved with the Passion Project for several years. These projects are designed to align with Cisco’s holistic view of corporate responsibility – providing opportunities for employees to give back to their communities.

This year, the Women of Impact planning committee selected Rise Against Hunger, a Cisco Platinum Partner. This organization best aligned with the committee’s decision to deliver relief for the numerous natural disasters that occurred around the world in 2017.

Rise Against Hunger is driven by the vision of a world without hunger. They send pre-packaged meals around the world to schools, communities, and individuals that do not have enough food to eat. Together with a strong volunteer force, they form an assembly line for packing and distributing nourishing meals. Rise Against Hunger brings much needed nutrition to children and their families and have packed over 380 million meals to date to alleviate global hunger.

The Women of Impact planning committee has set a goal of packing 60,000 meals during the week of March 1-8, in several locations where Cisco has a strong presence: Corporate Headquarters in San Jose, RTP, Krakow, and Bangalore. To achieve this substantial goal will require several hundred Cisco employee volunteers.

Pride resonates in Kristine’s voice as she says, “Cisco is like a first responder, providing technology and essential resources, when a global disaster strikes.” It is this confidence in Cisco’s culture of giving that drives Kristine to ask for—and receive—support from various company departments and functional areas. This year’s executive sponsors include Rick Snyder, SVP Americas Partner Organization; Ginita Taylor, Director Strategy and Planning; Patrice D’Eramo, VP Marketing; Alison Gleeson, SVP Americas Sales; Kirstin Weeks, Director Public Policy; and the Cisco Krakow office.

We invite you to help in this Passion Project by providing your own donation:

  • Cisco employees can donate here with their company login and the Cisco Foundation will provide a matching gift for these donations.
  • Non-Cisco employees can donate here by first creating a Bright Funds login.

Thank you for fueling Cisco’s culture of giving back! And we hope you will join us for this year’s Women of Impact global broadcast which is accessible to anyone by registering here.


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