Cisco sponsored documentary highlights the lifesaving potential of IoT

Documentary films have the power to enlighten, inspire and motivate in a way that’s vastly different from other means of storytelling. While unconventional for corporate communications, Cisco took the chance and sponsored the documentary, Detected.

“The film looks at the innovative way an entrepreneur uses IoT technology as he develops a new way to detect breast cancer,” says Joie Healy, Cisco’s corporate social media lead. “Some people may find it surprising that this film doesn’t have anything to do with Cisco or its technologies, but the message aligns with the company’s mission.”

Rob Royea invented the iTBra, a smart wearable that detects temperature changes in breast tissue. This data gives doctors vital information to assess the potential risk of breast cancer, even in women with dense tissue, which is difficult with traditional mammograms. Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women, second only to certain types of skin cancer. Detected shows how connected devices like the iTBra can help save lives.

Detected premiered at the Independent Film Festival in Boston back in April and has since been screened at several other prominent film festivals.

Now, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all Cisco employees have the chance to watch Detected and join a virtual Q&A session with film director Jeremy Newberger. The screening will explain how Cisco Marketing and Communications used a different type of storytelling to drive home Cisco’s message as a technology leader.

The film will be available online for anyone to see at a later date.

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