Cisco reveals reinvention of smart car networking at CES

Cisco just announced at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that it is working with car company Hyundai to create the future of the next-generation car. A communications platform will be included in 2019 Hyundai cars that will provide secure access to data in the vehicle, as well as updates and the ability to design new services.

This in-vehicle network will include Ethernet connectivity and an Automotive Linux platform. Cisco and Hyundai say that this network will help create the world of autonomous cars in the future. It will also get rid of the weight of wires in cars—sometimes up to a hundred pounds.

Cisco is doing a lot of work in the connected car space, and even expanding solutions into areas like connected trains, boats, planes and railways.

Everyone seems to be joining the connected car phenomenon, and CES has become the place to show off new innovation—with PC Mag even calling the convention “Now the greatest car tech show on earth”. But something needs to power the brains of these cars; and that’s where Cisco Jasper comes in.

Cisco Jasper delivers a cloud-based Internet of Things platform for connected devices through Control Center. This means that organizations can simplify and automate IoT services across products like cars. ZDNet reports that most companies in the connected car space were using Cisco Jasper to power its intelligence. More than 500 new enterprise customers and 2 million+ new IoT devices are added to the platform per month.

This includes car manufacturer Honda, who leverages IoT solutions from Cisco to drive its MyHonda Connected Car platform. Through the use of sensors, Honda and Cisco Jasper can provide drivers with services like news, diagnostics, maintenance scheduling, and location-based notifications.

Cisco’s smarter and connected car also boasts the ability to be safer and to save drivers more money. Users can rely on keeping their data secure, and even having an interference-free conference when drivers move their remote meeting from phone to car. To learn more about Cisco and what they do with connecting transportation, click here.