Cisco at Web Summit 2017: Technology for the future

The annual Web Summit Conference in Lisbon, Portugal is a meeting for all tech-lovers alike; entrepreneurs, CEOs, startups, and world leaders come together to celebrate and discuss the latest technology.

This conference, with an expected crowd of 59,000 this year, also welcomes politicians and regulators.

Stephen Hawking spoke on the first day of the conference via telepresence about the development of artificial intelligence. The physicist said that AI could be the worst or best thing that happened to humanity. Because of this, Hawking encourages companies and startups to find ways for AI to benefit everyone.

Cisco’s presence at Web Summit will include showcasing its work with AI as well as the Developer’s Network (DevNet), Internet of Things (IoT), and Software as a Service (SaaS). VP and CTO of DevNet Innovations Susie Wee, SVP and Chief Digital Officer Kevin Bandy, and EMEAR Managing Director Jon Koplin will be some of the Cisco leaders sharing their expertise at the conference.

Bandy will talk about how AI is revolutionizing the network, which therefore changes the very core of businesses and the corporate world. Because AI will transform the competences within intuitive and learning networks, Cisco must be involved in the process.

Attendees from Cisco also hope to share with Web Summit participants the possibilities of the DevNet platform. DevNet is a platform that allows developers to learn and code, to connect with other engineers, and to test the applications they have built.

Because so much of Web Summit includes attendees who are still working through their products, DevNet could help these startups scale and interact with a wider community.

Cisco has long worked with startups to bring the most innovative technology upfront. The need to create ideas at unprecedented new speeds has started a movement within the company called the Innovate Everywhere Challenge, where Cisco asks employees to create their own startup ideas. To learn more about this unique startup culture within Cisco, click here.