The Open Container Initiative Launches Version 1.0 of Its Container Specs

It took a while, but the Open Container Initiative (OCI) today announced the launch of the 1.0 versions of both its container runtime and image specs for software container. The two-year-old open source foundation was established by Docker and other leaders in the container ecosystem to be the guardian of exactly these specifications, which are basically the industry standards for container formats and runtimes.

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If You Were On a Desert Island, Which License Would You Take With You?

First, we need to ask ourselves why we should bother choosing a license?

Are you:

  • presenting your software to the public?
  • representing your software in a way that leads others to believe they can copy it or build on it?

Then, yes, you should choose a license. Be fair to your visitors and back up the appearance of permission by expressly giving permission.

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Cyber Security Comes Down to Culture, Say Dutch Security Experts

IT security can no longer be seen as just a technical matter. People, education and management matter too, but culture is the overarching and binding element, says security executive at Dutch bank.

IT is pervasive and for modern life seemingly inescapable. But on closer inspection, IT is quite young and even immature. Right now, the argument can be made that IT is a teen. It thinks it knows it all, blindly accepts that the world revolves around it, but it’s actually inexperienced, obstinate and not really talkative or sharing. And yet it’s unavoidable.

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