Buzzfeed’s new kitchen device and other innovations in food tech

Buzzfeed’s Tasty—the pop-culture-content-machine’s food oriented branch—has recently unveiled TastyOneTop, their kitchen appliance that boasts versatility and the ability to cook 1700+ meals. This new gadget shows how Buzzfeed is entering the technology market.

TechCrunch reports that with this new smart appliance, Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed Product Labs are experimenting with different commerce initiatives. The TastyOneTop pairs with an app and a Bluetooth-enabled induction cooktop that can support cooking with pots, pans, and sous vide.

Another giant in the world of food and drink—Starbucks—is also getting into digital innovation. GeekWire reports that the coffee company is looking towards expanding its app to creating new benefits and rewards for customers. Personalizing each customer’s experience through the app helps Starbucks enhance their coffee shop experience, like recognizing customers and celebrating birthdays. This kind of personalization is very similar to how Cisco’s retail technologies help stores engage with customers in better and smarter ways.

Technology is making food prep quick and easy, and even helping take-out show up at your door at record times. Food delivery service DoorDash announced recently an effort to use autonomous roving machines to bring food orders to customers. These small machines are able to travel up to two miles on their own.

Beyond the final stages of food preparation, apps that track crop growth aid the food industry at the very base level. Matt Bokor reported that TriFarm is a new online crop-forecasting tool that is helping farmers in St. Lucia grow their best crops.

By inputting plant maturity date, plant yield and harvesting period, the app is able to gather data onto a real-time graph. This, in turn, helps the tourism industry plan the best menus for tourists, it aids in creating more employment for agriculture, and it helps reduce the agriculture importation bill in St. Lucia.

From farm to table, technology is infiltrating how we get our food in many different ways. And whether you pick up your meal from a robot or just from a store, remember that tech is enhancing your eating experience.


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