Celebrating 20 years of NetAcad: Meet Luke Munday

Cisco Networking Academy has been changing worlds for 20 years. To celebrate this milestone, we are spotlighting some of the 7.8 million students worldwide who have benefited from this IT education and career building program.

Luke Munday

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Current occupation: Network Engineer
  • Networking Academy coursework: CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security
  • One word to describe his Networking Academy experience: Opportunity

Luke works as a network engineer for the largest telecommunications company in Australia. The “main reason” he got the position was because of the Networking Academy and an annual competition for students called NetRiders. Luke worked hard to succeed, saying he “spent 26 to 30” of his Saturdays studying with the academy full time — quite an investment for a dedicated father of two. “I never slept,” he says.

Luke was raised by a single mother who died when he was young, so family security is vital to him. Having a child “does drive you a lot to push yourself in areas you might not have pushed yourself before,” he says.

For Luke, it was “common knowledge” that, if you want succeed at networking, you go to the Networking Academy, because they “teach you everything you need to know about networking.”

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