Remington Campbell

Software Systems Engineer

I started working at Cisco when I was in college. I worked part-time for a year and a half after an initial internship in RTP with a group of incredibly smart people in Advanced Services. When I graduated, I applied for a full time position and found the perfect role out in the Bay Area as a Software Systems Engineer on the Innovation Edge team. Another reason I chose to work for Cisco is because of the people, the company’s values, and I believe it offers incredibly unique positions inside the tech world.

I am a Software Systems Engineer on the Innovation Edge team. I love what I do because it allows for a lot of self-starting creativity and personal growth. It also involves customer interactions along with deep technical work. This position really excites me personally, and I get to work with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met at the same time!

Outside of work I love traveling to new places in California (bonus points if it’s panorama worthy), visiting San Francisco, and hanging out with friends.

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