NBA 2K18 is coming! Discover new tech for graphics and connectivity

Cisco has always been a big fan and invested partner in the NBA—as the league’s proud Official Technology Partner.

Now, the NBA is ramping up its own tech innovation with the newest iteration of NBA 2K18; The Prelude. Fans can get excited for the cult-favorite video game—Forbes reports that if this latest version is much like the others, players can scan their face with the mobile app to customize personal avatars.

Preview graphics for NBA 2K18 have also caused a stir; fans are noticing the huge improvement in realism. CNET describes this change like “a next-gen console jump”.‘ A mobile scanning RV captures the likeness of NBA players. This is a device comprised of 146 Canon cameras that can capture body and facial scans in intense detail. From Pixelgun Studio, the cameras can capture scans with up to 16,000 textures.

Player’s details are important to the reality factor of 2K18. Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry was scanned with his iconic mouth guard in order to capture the way it moves with him.

An investor of tech and a proud supporter of NBA, Cisco was on the floor the night of the 2017 NBA Draft Night, powering collaboration and media fun within the Barclays Center.

Cisco video meeting technology brought the No. 1 and No. 2 picks to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show immediately after the selections. These players were able to seamlessly connect with the LA audience through Cisco and Jimmy Kimmel’s Wall of America.

Fans use the NBA app and other social media platforms to connect with the NBA, and Cisco helps power that connectivity by bringing the game to fans in real-time. The NBA’s high-speed arena network is a 10 gigabit network with 12 broadcast streams of video—these photos and videos from the game are brought to the fans immediately. Cisco’s high-speed arena network helps make the NBA seamlessly digital for fans and players alike.

To check out more of what Cisco is doing in partnership with the NBA, click here and see how our tech is changing the game.


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