See Why ’47 Meters Down’ Is Like Nothing Anyone Will Have Seen Before

What would you do if you were trapped at the bottom of the ocean… and there were a bunch of hungry sharks looking to make your day just that much more miserable?

In the new film 47 Meters Down (in theaters June 16), Mandy Moore and Claire Holt play sisters vacationing in Mexico who find themselves trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean following an excursion gone wrong.

“It’s totally unexpected – it’s like nothing anyone will have seen before,” Holt says in the new featurette below. The video, which says the film takes place entirely underwater over the course of 62 minutes, highlights the frenetic anxiety and fear that comes with being trapped in one of the scariest situations imaginable. What would you do?

Check out the featurette below. 47 Meters Down hits theaters on June 16.

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