The Han Solo Movie Wants You to Come Hang Out with This Six-Eyed Alien

Many moons ago we got one of our first looks at Star Wars: The Force Awakens when J.J. Abrams made a video from the set for the charitable organization Omaze. It was that video that offered up a taste of the old-school aliens and set design we’d see in the movie (and later learn was the marketplace on Jakku).

And now life is repeating itself, as one of our first looks at the still-untitled Han Solo solo movie comes for a set video for Omaze. Once again, the highlight of the video is a mysterious alien. This one is sporting a pretty sweet jacket, six blinking eyes, and a real despondent attitude. Basically, he’s perfect for a live-action Star Wars movie from the directors of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

But who is this guy? Will he be in the movie for any substantial amount of time, unlike the alien in Abrams’ video? Is he Han’s BFF before he meets Chewie? Is he secretly Woody Harrelson’s character? We have so many questions, and unfortunately, this video doesn’t have any answers. But if you donate to Omaze and win the set visit, please tell us everything you discover.

If you’ve forgotten what the Force Awakens video was like, here it is:

The untitled Han Solo movie will hit theaters on May 25, 2018.

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