Bill Murray Went to See ‘Groundhog Day: The Musical’ and It Made Him Cry

In a time of constant remakes and reimaginings, it’s nice to see some of them turn out to be quality works. It’s even better when they can be recognized by the original creators as such. A musical adaptation of Groundhog Day has been playing on Broadway for a few months now, and since that time it’s racked up a bunch of Tony Award nominations, among other accolades. Now the star of the 1993 movie, Bill Murray, has seen it twice and is a huge fan.

The New York Timeshas a great report on Murray’s first time seeing the show, on Tuesday night, with co-star and brother Brian Doyle-Murray plus the co-writer of both screen and stage versions, Danny Rubin. He caught the musical, during which he reportedly sobbed, and then afterward his group went backstage to meet and congratulate the cast and crew. “Brian and I are flabbergasted. It’s really something,” he said of the production, and he believes Groundhog Day director Harold Ramis would have had the same reaction.

Murray interacted with fans at NYC’s August Wilson Theater, and the NYT story goes into detail about his interactions with bar staff and fellow audience members. Much of it is amusing, of course. But the most notable bits are the actor’s responses to the musical. During one number he apparently could be heard exclaiming, “Wow!” Backstage, his comments included “It really killed me” and “You really got me.” He also complimented the entire company of actors and gave them a tip. Read the whole article for all of that and more.

Tag yourself I’m Barrett when I found out Bill Murray is at Groundhog Day for the second night in a row

— Ivana (@IvanaBerlin) August 10, 2017

And read a follow-up NYT article, too, because Murray went back to see the Groundhog Day musical the next night, as he hinted to the cast he might do. This time he went alone and doesn’t seem to have been as emotional. He again interacted with fans in attendance, though, and some selfies have been posted to social media (like the one above). Obviously there have been many jokes made about him repeating his day all over again to see the show a second night in a row.

The Murray brothers aren’t the only original movie cast members to see the musical. Andie MacDowell, who plays Murray’s love interest in Groundhog Day, caught the show on her birthday back in April. Here’s a photo of her with the cast:

We had the best time celebrating @AndieMacDowell3‘s birthday last night at @Groundhogdaybwy! Great shot by Broadway’s Darling

— Josh Lamon (@JoshLamon) April 22, 2017