Ben Affleck May Return for ‘The Accountant’ Sequel

The Accountant

Of all the movies that might inspire a sequel, a thriller about a math savant would probably not have been near the top of the list. Yet a sequel to The Accountant is indeed on its way, according to Deadline. Why?

The original was a very good drama. Ben Affleck starred as math savant Christian Wolff, who is a successful, if very low-key, accountant. In a twist that’s revealed very early in the story, however, he’s identified by a Treasury Department official (J.R. Simmons) as an accountant for very dangerous criminals. He’s also shown to be quite accurate as a long-distance marksman. Hmm, could that mean he is himself a lethal weapon?

From there, the movie gallops along as Christian takes on a new job that introduces new dangers into his life, as well as a fellow accountant (Anna Kendrick). The screenplay by Bill Dubuque keeps flashing back to show key moments from Christian’s youth; meanwhile, director Gavin O’Connor continues to build suspense in the modern day.

The Accountant earned good reviews and good box office returns, earning more than $155 million worldwide. Now Affleck, director O’Connor and writer Dubuque are all in talks for a sequel. If things work out, the next step will be to work out “the beats of the story,” per Deadline’s report. That may include a key character played in the original by Jon Bernthal, though no mention has been made so far about the prospect of including Anna Kendrick.

Affleck talks about his fellow actors, including Bernthal and his fighting skills, as well as director O’Connor, in this video.

By the conclusion of the original, a number of questions that were raised had been answered, but not all of them. We look forward to another intricately designed thriller, bolstered by strong performances, sometime down the road.

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