Awesome Uses For Lasers That Make Our Lives Much Better

Ways That Lasers Have Changed Our Lives For The Better:

Lasers used to be the stuff of science fiction, but they’re now a reality that’s transforming our lives. They can make it possible to live longer, understand our world better, and create technologies that weren’t considered possible in the past.

Lasers Have Advanced Computers By Leaps And Bounds

Many computer mice use lasers, and this makes them incredibly precise. Some people have considered using them in the central processing unit of a computer. While this technology is not currently available, it would revolutionize computing, and some experts believe that it could make computers as much as a million times faster!

In addition, laser technology could lead to astonishing advances in AI. These advancements are likely to lead to technological gains in many fields, and artificial intelligence is already widely used in medicine, research, and even our own homes.

Furthermore, lasers are used to create holograms, and this makes the creation of three-dimensional maps, images, and diagrams possible. Computers create the image, and then they are sent to a holographic projector where the image can be shown and modified with ease.

They Make Cutting Edge Medicine Possible

Some surgery procedures now use lasers, and one of the most famous laser procedures is Lasik. This procedure allows people who wear glasses to have normal vision without them, and it can even make your vision better than 20/20! It is possible because the laser can reshape the eye’s lens, and it is capable of cutting, shrinking, stretching, and photocoagulating tissues within the eye.

Lasers are also used for life-saving procedures, such as the detection and treatment of cancer and laser surgeries can even remove cancerous tumors. While lasers are capable of generating enough heat to cut tissue, there are lasers that are not designed to penetrate tissue deeply, and this can reduce your risk of complications.

Such shallow-penetrating lasers can allow you to recover from surgical procedures quickly, and they can even eliminate the need for stitches! In addition, they are capable of reducing scar tissue, and it’s possible for tissue to be closed by the laser in only 15 minutes! While this laser isn’t widely used, extensive research is being done on this technology. The use of laser technology can make some patients less anxious about an upcoming medical procedure, and this can increase treatment adherence.

They’ve also made it possible for scientists to study the human genome, and this is likely to lead to incredible medical advancements. Certain genetic patterns are thought to make individuals more or less susceptible to certain diseases. Not only can this type of testing be done in hospital settings, but it’s even possible to have your DNA tested at home by sending a home test kit to a laboratory. This type of genetic testing is capable of determining your ancestry along with your susceptibility to certain diseases.

Laser Technology Allows Us To Study The Universe Better

Scientists have used lasers to map the planets and their moons with precision, and these lasers have been mounted on space probes. The maps that these lasers have been used to create will be extremely useful for astronauts who visit these worlds in the future, and scientists also use lasers to measure the distance from Earth to other objects in the solar system. This allows us to understand the solar system and the orbits of the planets better than ever before and brings us closer to human expeditions to other planets.

Lasers also can facilitate communication between satellites, and this technology is expected to be extremely useful during long-distance spaceflight. Currently, laser communication is used for the European Data Relay system, a network of satellites used for surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance missions.

We could even use future lasers to keep us safe from asteroids, and research is being done to make this a reality! There are plans to test this technology aboard the International Space Station.

Amateur astronomers use lasers all the time to point out objects in the night sky. These laser pointers are quite powerful, and they create a beam that extends several thousand feet into the air.

Laser Technology Has Made Our Maps More Precise

Lasers have been used to determine the elevation of the Earth’s surface with exceptional precision, and this has made topographical maps far more accurate. It is possible for scientists to more accurately determine what regions will be flooded during a storm.

They have made it possible for mapmakers to measure the depth of the ocean, and this generally was impossible to do in the past. Nowadays, it is possible for scientists to map the ocean floor almost as accurately as dry land.

They Make Cutting Edge Dentistry Possible

Dentists use lasers to cut tissue, and they’re often much more precise than blades. Laser surgery was first used in the 1990s, but it has become much more advanced since then. Cold lasers are used to treat inflammation, and this can prevent tooth loss. In addition, lasers are used to remove decaying areas of gums around teeth.

Lasers are also used to take biopsies, and this can help dentists to accurately diagnose many oral conditions. They also can be used to whiten teeth. A peroxide solution is applied to the teeth, and the laser that is shined on the solution speeds up the whitening process.

Because of the use of lasers the amount of pain that dental procedures cause is drastically reduced, which in turn reduces the amount of anesthesia that is required. Lasers often reduce bleeding, and patients are often less anxious about laser procedures.

Laser Technology Is Used For Non-Essential Medical Procedures And Body Art:

Many plastic surgeons use lasers, and the number of surgeons using lasers is increasing. Lasers are often used to remove body fat. They can also be used to remove scar tissue and unwanted tattoos. Some tattoos have a specially designed ink that can be removed with a laser much more quickly than the more mainstream procedures used to remove tattoos.

Removing unwanted hair via laser can be highly effective, and the effects of the procedure last 6–12 months. Lasers also can be used to place subdermal implants underneath the skin. Subdermal implants are metallic objects that are used for body art, and lasers are used to make the incision that’s necessary to implant them.

In addition, lasers can remove blemishes on the body. For example, they are used to remove stretch marks, wrinkles, and sunspots, making you look younger.

Lasers Have Made The Military Stronger

Lasers are used for the sights of firearms, and this often makes them much more accurate. However, the military has begun to consider using lasers for an incredible new purpose that seems like something from a science fiction film. They’ve actually created real-life laser guns, and these weapons are incredibly powerful! Many military strategists believe that these weapons could disarm a nuclear device.

A private company and the U.S. Navy have already tested a laser gun, and it’s currently mounted on the U.S.S. Paul F. Foster. Another type of laser has been used on the battlefield to neutralize land mines, and this has saved many lives. Outside of the battlefield, an infrared chemical laser has been tested, and it was able to hit an orbiting satellite!

Furthermore, lasers can be used as non-lethal weapons that disorient a person. One example of such a device is an optical laser, and it has been shown to be effective.

They Improve Manufacturing And Construction

A laser strong enough to cut steel generates incredible amounts of heat and light. Weaker lasers are often used to cut and solder plastic pipes. Both types are used in manufacturing, and can sometimes be found being used on-the-job by professionals such as plumbers.

Welders also use them outside of industrial settings. Some lasers are used to manufacture exceptionally small materials that are used in other technologies such as televisions and phones.

Lasers Make Shows Awesome, and They Have Other Recreational Uses

Lasers can create an impressive light show, and they’re also used to create laser harps. This device looks like a conventional harp, but it has laser beams instead of strings. Many digital cinema projectors use lasers to project the image on to the big screen. If you’re going to the movies, you might get to see lasers in action!  

Laser tag has become a popular activity for families, and the game is made possible by a laser that sets off a detector on the player’s body when they’re hit with the laser beam. The detector allows you to gain or lose points.


Lasers already have numerous uses, and they have improved our lives in many ways. The uses that are discussed here are just a few of the remarkable things that lasers are used for today. Furthermore, it is likely that lasers will continue to become more advanced, and it is highly likely that we will be using them more often in the future.