Automated Smart Homes for You and Your Pets

The pitch for a smart home with IoT connected devices is the ability to turn on the heating and preheat the oven – even cook something already in it, as you drive home from work. Yet smart tech is developing at a rapid pace and different concerns and industries are looking at its applications.

It is therefore no surprise to learn that pet tech is on the rise. Around 66% of American homes have pets and these pet owners spend $70 billion a year on them. Furthermore, most pet owners, especially dog owners, feel bad for leaving their pets at home. Now with smart homes, it is possible to look after and connect with your pets even far away.

Automated pet feeders

There are two types of automated pet feeders – normal food and treat dispensers. The former ensures your pet is fed adequately and at the right times. One problem of leaving a pet at home all day is having to put all the food down at once and hope they do not scoff it all.

Having a dispenser allows you to control portion sizes and when they’re made available to your dog or cat. Treat dispensers are similar but can be used as training devices; especially for pups with behavioral problems. Advanced versions allow pet owners to connect to their dogs via a camera, screen, and speaker, so you can issue commands to the dog, communicate with them, and reward their good behavior.

Checking in on your pet while you’re out of the house

Pet protection goes beyond home security. Cameras in the home, including special dog cameras, allow pet owners to keep an eye on their pets from their smartphones. You can log into your app, turn the camera on, and watch your dog. Of course there may be blind spots and you’d need multiple cameras depending on where the dog is.

Speaking of multiple locations, it is possible to control where a pet has access to. This of course mostly applies to dogs and cats. Electronic doors and fences within the house and garden can control a pet’s access to certain areas of the home. You can time this so at certain times of day the pet can leave the house through a pet flap or come back in, or is limited to a certain room for a certain amount of time.

Dogs especially will get used to a routine of this kind and will anticipate when it’s ok to go out into the yard and when to come back. Some of these doors can be programmed to unlock when the dog goes near them so they can move through the house with the door locking after them for improved home security.

That’s not all, not by a long shot

Bet you never thought the day would come when you could play fetch with your dog while you’re in the office. We’re not talking about a bring your dog to work day either. It is now possible to buy indoor and outdoor fetch machines which can launch or roll a ball from a few feet to 40-50 feet depending on the setting. This is one way to help keep your dog active when you’re not at home; especially if you can’t give them a midday walk.