All You Need To Know About Security Cameras

Unfortunately, bad things happen every day, but having security cameras installed can give you some peace in knowing that security cameras can help in identifying and arresting suspects in a majority of these incidents. Families, businesses, and homes need security cameras. They come in many sizes and shapes, in order to fit practically anywhere. If you are looking to purchase a security camera for your purposes, here is all you need to know about security cameras.

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The History

The history of security cameras begins roughly around 1960. Temporary cameras were used to watch Thai royalty in England. They arranged a couple of cameras in Trafalgar Square in London to keep visiting royals safe from the crowds. Cameras were first invented by Thomas Edison and William Dickson in 1880 for the purpose of making movies. However, 1960 was the time cameras started being used for surveillance purposes.

The Evolution

Security cameras started out as analog systems and gradually progressed digitally. In the beginning, they were simply analog tube cameras connected to a videocassette recorder. Now, we use network cameras and PC servers for video recording in a completely digital system. Before we reached a fully digital surveillance system, we were halfway there with partly digital systems. They were digital and analog devices. Analog cameras that connected to a digital video recorder.

Types of Security Cameras

Self-Activating: These cameras only self-activate when it detects movement. This is fit for anyone who would not prefer their security cameras to be running 24/7. Self-activating cameras have a memory buffer that records a few seconds of video around the clock so you can see what happened before and after the camera’s motion sensor was triggered.

  • Night Vision: These security cameras are perfectly fit for outside surveillance at night. Some surveillance cameras have sensitive light-gathering sensors, which is measured in lumens. The smaller the measure, the better the camera will be able to see in the dark.
  • Data Storage: If you want a camera that is going to be recording 24/7, you should look into getting data storage. There are many options, like memory cards, hard drives, and the cloud. Remember to change out the recording media every once in a while, depending on the size of your storage.

Security cameras have been around for quite a long time, and they have evolved over the years. They are fit for any occasion you need, so it wouldn’t hurt to look into getting a surveillance system.

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