Alamo Drafthouse Is Hosting Clown-Only Showings of ‘It’

Clowns don’t get a lot of respect these days, and the upcoming horror movie It will not be helping. Well, to make it up to the professional Bozos, Alamo Drafthouse is giving them their own space in which to enjoy or find frustration in the Stephen King adaptation. The fan-favorite cinema chain is hosting special screenings of It — which features a monster who takes the form of a clown as he murders children — exclusively for people dressed in clown attire.

The screenings will only be found at the Alamo’s Mueller, Lakeline and Slaughter Lane locations in Austin, Texas. That’s a good assumption there are that many clowns in the capital city. Or moviegoers who’ll pretend to be one (presumably there’ll be a few Pennywise cosplayers in attendance). Ahead of each screening, the theater will host a “Barrel O’ Fun” pre-party with face painters on hand to touch up your makeup, a photo booth, prizes and more.

If you recall, Alamo hosted women-only screenings of Wonder Woman earlier this year, and some men got angry over the alleged discrimination. One of the complainers actually jokingly asked if next they’ll be hosting clown-only screenings of It. That gave the company the idea.

So far, there doesn’t seem to be an issue taken by non-clowns with these screenings. Obviously they’re being held in jest and it sounds like a lot of fun for the real clowns who have to regularly deal with the idea that they’re scary or creepy more than they’re entertainers bringing joy to people, especially kids. Meanwhile, those of you who are coulrophobic (afraid of clowns), you might want to avoid those Alamo Drafthouse spots the night of the screenings.

It opens everywhere on September 8. The clown-only shows are all on September 9.

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