ACO Clientele of Innovaccer Achieves More Than $68M in Shared Savings in 2016

Berkeley, CA, October 27, 2017 –(– Innovaccer Inc., one of the fastest-growing healthcare platform companies in the Silicon Valley, announces the success of its Accountable Care Organization clients with a cumulative savings of over $68 million across 440,000 managed lives. This data has been gathered from the associated commercial payers and CMS reports entailing the financial and quality results for three ACOs in FY 2016.

As healthcare progresses through an array of value-based reimbursement models and strengthens patient-centric outcomes, ACOs now cover more than 32 million beneficiaries all over the United States. Innovaccer assists more than 3,800 providers in enhancing their care delivery with a data-centric mechanism and transforming to value-based care. The successes of the participating ACOs include:

Gross generated savings of over $68 million

$166 average annual shared savings per beneficiary

Highest savings per beneficiary in the states of Iowa and New Jersey, at $180 and $215 respectively for a commercial payer

Highest savings per beneficiary in the United States at $103 for another commercial payer

“Accountable Care Organizations have proved to be a game changer in the landscape of healthcare and have always worked to unify care with quality,” says Kanav Hasija, Co-founder & CTO at Innovaccer. “Innovaccer is proud to be associated with these bastions of value-based care and to be their trusted choice in enhancing health and wellness,” he concludes.

About Innovaccer

Innovaccer Inc is a Berkeley, CA-based, healthcare platform company easing care teams’ transition to a value-based future through its Care Intelligence SystemTM. Innovaccer’s aim is to simplify complex data from all points of care, streamline the information, enable point-of-care decision-making, and realize strategic value-based goals based on the intelligent insights and predictions from care data. Its proprietary product, Datashop is the Care Intelligence SystemTM for healthcare that enables provider organizations to use data as a source of innovation. It has been deployed across 15 countries at academic institutions, governmental organizations, and several healthcare bastions such as Mercy ACO, Compass Medical, Catalyst Health Network, Rochester RHIO, Osler Health Network, El Paso HIE, etc.

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