7 Non-Technical Skills You Need To Succeed In A DevOps Career

The core creed of DevOps revolves around the idea that inter-departmental collaboration, communication, and constant improvement are the keys to a successful and efficient software development cycle. Teams of DevOps engineers or managers, then, are simply engineers and managers who combine their role-specific skills with DevOps best practices.

However, working on a DevOps team is not for everyone. Engineers who prefer long stints of working alone may be frustrated by the constant feedback exchanges. It takes a specific type of person to succeed in one of these positions. These seven attributes will serve you well in a future DevOps role.

1. Self-directed learning

Since DevOps is such a constantly evolving field, the ability and motivation to teach yourself new skills is critical. Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX, says, “It’s hard to learn something that seems to evolve as quickly as the lessons are taught. Self-learners are the perfect candidates for embracing and pursuing DevOps adoption, as it requires a roll-up-your-sleeves, trial-and-error, do-it-yourself, continuous learning approach.”

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