7 Fun Ways Star Wars Fans Can Geek Out Together

There is no question that Star Wars is among the most popular films of all-time. Both men and women alike love the movie as it caters to people from all walks of life. The film has romance, science fiction, action, drama and much more. In addition to enjoying the movie itself, many fans like to take things a step further and collect books, apparel, games, and even action figures. When people love a movie, they tend to form a strong bond which can lead to the purchase of items they may not normally have been interested in. Today, we will discuss seven ways Star Wars fans can “geek out” together.

Death Star Ravioli and C-3PO Pizza

Image from Eater

Everyone loves a good meal, and Cane Rosso, a local restaurant in Austin, Texas has taken it upon themselves to create ravioli that actually resembles the Death Star. This interesting creation is not unique, however; Cane Rosso has also invented C-3PO Pizza, a delightful three-cheese pizza which also features pepperoni and oregano. For those not living in that area, a website called Fish is the Dish has created seven recipes to create Star Wars-related food in your very own home! Some of these recipes include Princess Leia Fishcake, Ewok Kedgeree, and Stormtrooper Cod Curry. Trying these new dishes with your friends is definitely a fun way Star Wars fans can get the party started.

Star Wars Kitchen Utensils

Image from Williams Sonoma

If you’re going to eat Star Wars-themed food with your friends, you might as well use Star Wars-themed kitchen utensils as well. If you search online, you can find spatulas shaped like Darth Vader, a Yoda pan that says “Cook you must” and even a Chewbacca coffeemaker. These creative and fun new options will perfectly-complement your Star Wars-themed meal.

Star Wars-Themed Makeup

Image from Jansy

Female Star Wars fans (and maybe some of the men too) will greatly enjoy the incredible new Star Wars-themed makeup on the market presented by brands such as Cover Girl, Cargo Cosmetics, and Storybook Cosmetics. The list of Star Wars-themed cosmetics available is impressive and growing–you can find Star Wars limited edition lipstick (in six new shades), Light and Dark Side Mascara, and much more. There are also many interesting Star Wars make-up tutorials on YouTube for anyone who may want to experiment with more homegrown concepts. Whether you’re out in the world or simply want to try some new looks at home with your friends, this is one way female Star Wars fans can have fun, both alone and together!

Star Wars Gifts

Image from Build-A-Bear Workshop

What better way to bond with a good friend than to buy them a nice gift? It shows thought and care, and if you’re both Star Wars fans, why not make it a Star Wars-themed gift? There are many options to choose from, including Star Wars heat-activated mugs, Chewbacca koozies, the Death Star Bluetooth speaker, and a Star Wars sleeping bag. With all of these options, Star Wars themed-devices can now become a part of everyday use! Why live a day without Star Wars if you don’t have to? A great gift for birthdays, the holidays or even an anniversary.

Star Wars Parties

Image from Birthday in a Box

Now that you have the food and various items covered, why not have an all-out Star Wars party? You can use pool noodles and duct-tape to create lightsabers, configure your hair into Princess Leia-style buns, use markers and colored duct-tape to create an R2D2 trashcan, hang Stormtrooper balloons from the ceiling and much more. Star Wars parties are one of the ultimate ways for fans to geek out together because so many people can come together and celebrate. If enough people come, many Star Wars-related events can be occurring at once, resulting in an awesome time for everyone. Be sure to check out this article for a variety of different ideas. Have fun!

Star Wars-Themed Events

Image from Star Wars.com

If you’re a truly hardcore Star Wars fan, you might want to listen up and learn more about this opportunity (if you haven’t done it already): the event Season of the Force, which takes place on at Walt Disney World, is an extremely popular event that occurs annually at various Disney locations including Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Hong Kong to name a few. The event includes tours, games, and meet-and-greets which may include Star Wars actors. While this experience could involve a lot of travel and cost, extremely dedicated fans may find it rewarding and worth the sacrifice. You could bring a few friends and make a big weekend out of the whole thing. If that isn’t enough, the new Star Wars-themed land space, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be making its debut in 2019. This promises to be an epic new place and more information will be available as it nears its completion. Be sure to keep an eye open for news regarding its development.

Star Wars Games on Disney

Image from Star Wars: Battlefront

At the website http://lol.disney.com/star-wars-games, you can find a whole host of Star Wars games, including Solo Shuffle, Don’t Let the Wookie Win, Jawa Junkyard, and EWok Village (to name just a few.) There are actually all kinds of Star Wars game sites all over the internet with a whole multitude of options; the possibilities are almost endless. A little research can go a long way here. There are one-player and multi-player games. Also, there are a wide variety of Star Wars video games out there for those who are gamers. The most popular recent game is Stars Wars: Battlefront, but there are also many options from the 2000’s including Force Commander, Demolition, and Bounty Hunter.

Overall, there are many ways to “geek-out” using Star Wars. It is one of the most immensely-popular films of our time. Whether you are cooking, going to adventure-inspired theme parks, trying out a new kind of makeup, going to a party, or enjoying an event, there are so many different options. Lastly, don’t let this article be your last word: if you feel something is missing, go see what else is out there for yourself.