5 Pieces of Equipment You Should Invest in for Off-Site Presentations

Technology is an essential asset for your business. While you most likely already have the technology you need at your business, you may not have a lot of portable equipment. This may not be a problem for some people, but if you do a lot of off-site presentations, you need to be able to take your tech with you. Here are five pieces of equipment that can be a good investment for you and your company.

Digital Projectors

Digital projectors make it much easier to share information with a large group of people and provide structure to your presentation. There is no guarantee that there will be a projector available for you to use or that it will be compatible with your device, so make sure that you have one you can use. It’s also a great investment that you can use at your business for training or other presentations.

Burner Laptops

If you travel a lot, you don’t want to take your work computer that has a lot of sensitive data on it. Instead, invest in some burner laptops that employees can take with them when they travel. You can upload anything you need for your trip while avoiding any other security concerns. You can choose more compact laptops for weight concerns, and you don’t have to worry about as much if something happens to it.

Smart Blackboards

This is only a good idea if you do a lot of interactive presentations that are within driving distance. A smart blackboard is the modern version of a traditional blackboard. You use a digital pen to write notes and make sketches onto a digital touchscreen. This is very helpful if you want your audience to participate in using some of your tech without providing each of them with a laptop.

Protective Cases

While not as useful for the actual presentation, protective cases allow you to get everything to the presentation without damage or losing something. Many of these cases come with customizable foam inserts, meaning you won’t have to worry about your tech rattling around inside. Their hard shell protects from a variety of environmental factors, and they can be padlocked for security.


Using accessories is optional, but it’s effective at taking your presentation to the next level. You need microphones and sound systems to reach many occupants in a large room. Use a remote control if you want to flip through projector slides while walking around the room. Also, use a retractable pointer to point to images on the screen from afar.

Nowadays, there are many choices available to anyone who needs the best equipment for business presentations. You have the option to rent or buy the equipment that you need. Then, choose the right price, brand, and model. Make sure that your technology is adequate for all of your important presentations.