5 Female-Owned Businesses That Prove We Can Win

At the risk of sounding a little feminist, there is evidence that women are taking over the business world. Let’s face it, some things are just better run when women are in charge, and although we give some serious props to the gentlemen entrepreneurs who have gone before us, we will take it from here.

More women than ever before are becoming frustrated with the 9 to 5 options that exist for them, and they are branching out on their own to form businesses, corporations, and even empires in the name of financial freedom and stability. Many women are opening up small businesses as their encore career, no longer content to retire quietly or sit alone at home in their empty nest after their children have grown and gone. It is a perfect time to fulfill unrealized dreams, reignite passions that had long since been forgotten, and create additional sources of income that don’t require approval from a supervisor.

Let these female-owned businesses inspire you to reignite your own passions, realize your dreams, and create something that you and your heirs can be proud of.

Happy Family

Happy Family, a company owned and operated by Shazi Visram, caters to busy families who want to learn to eat better despite a busy lifestyle and a “normal” budget. Their specialty? Packaged organic meals and snacks designed for people of all ages and catering to all tastes. Happy Family reported impressive gross revenues of over $63 million last year alone, and they are capitalizing on a driving need of millions to eat and feel better.

Strategic Communications

Kathy Mills is capitalizing on a need to organize digital communications for small and large business, launching Strategic Communications in 2010. It grew an impressive 80 percent in two years, grossing over $42 million dollars by 2012. With our increasing need for digital communication, it is unlikely that she will feel the need to retire anytime soon.

Brightstar Franchising

Shelly Sun, CEO of Brightstar Franchising, knows the critical need in the market to provide quality healthcare staffing for hospitals and extended care facilities across the U.S. and abroad. Her “right place, right time” opportunity was born out of the need to provide care to one of her own family members. A company was born.

Intellect Resources

Run by Tiffany Crenshaw, Intellect Resources is a company that provides consulting and hiring solutions for IT services in the healthcare industry. From its inception in 2010, they have climbed to the top of the success ladder quickly, grossing over $30 million dollars in revenue last year alone.

South Rivage Dental

Run by Lindi Perkins, DDS, female representation is very important in this dental clinic that provides women can be more than just dental hygienists. Lindi is a member of several dental associations and has received multiple awards for her work. She prides herself on providing the best technology with the a compassionate approach to dentistry.

Suite K

What list of women entrepreneurs would be complete without a personal care products company? Kathleen Croddick created Suite K with her fellow busy professional women in mind, providing the highest quality personal care products for women who don’t have hours to devote to self-care. Gross revenues grew over 150 percent in two years, to $13 million.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is formidable. Despite the many demands that professional women have on us these days, this list of women is proof that we can “have it all” — career, relationships, families, and the like. The sky’s the limit, so what is your dream?

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